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Foggia is a capital of the province of Foggia in the Puglia region of Italy. This is the most northern province of Puglia and borders Molise to the south and Campania to the east. The province can be divided into two parts. The first one called ‘Travoliere’ or ‘the granary of Italy’ where the wheat is grown. The second part called Gargano which is the small area making the spur of the ‘boot’ of Italy.

Gargano is a peninsula and is partly mountainous and partly wooded with thick, ancient forests. The coastline of Gargano is rugged and consists of beautiful bays and cliffs. This area of Foggia is very popular for holidays and the tourists are very well catered for.

Being the centerpiece between north and south, Foggia is easily traveled by rail via main railway from Bologna to Bari running through the city.

Foggia is a communication and industrial center and the main wheat market of Southern Italy. It is famous for its watermelons and tomatoes. The agricultural sector remains the mainstay of Foggia’s economy. The few industries present are mostly devoted to food processing.


There are lots of attractions in the city including cathedrals, squares, churches and caves. Due to consistent destruction of Foggia during World War II and constant earthquake, the city nowadays has a more modern look, since much has been rebuilt. There can be found underground cavern tombs dating back to ancient Rome.

The Cathedral Madonna dei Sette Veli found in 1170 and rebuilt after an earthquake still maintains its Romanesque façade with mullioned windows. Within the Cathedral there is the byzantine statue of the Icona Venere. The piece of art represents the Virgin Mary.

Foggia is home to two popular pilgrimage sites, the shrine to 20th-century monk Padre Pio in San Giovanni Rotondo and the Sanctuary of Monte Sant’Angelo, Western Europe’s oldest shrine dedicated to the archangel Michael.


Location: Puglia region

Nearby sights: Parco Nazionale del Gargano, Cattedrale di Foggia, Santuario Madre di Dio Incoronata

How to get there: Take a train from Bologna

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