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The city of Cagliari is the capital of the autonomous region of Sardinia. It is located at the top of the Gulf of the Angels at the southern end of the island of Sardinia. Often referred to as the “City of the Sun”, Cagliari has some interesting medieval architecture and archeological wonders left by different cultures. Phoenicians founded the ancient port town of Cagliari and many different civilizations have dominated and influenced its culture.


The city has much to offer such as crystal-clear sea, one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the Mediterranean and unspoiled natural environment consisting of lagoons, bird sanctuaries and wildlife reserves which are unique in Europe. II Poetto, Cagliari’s most popular stretch of beach spans from the Devil’s Saddle to the Margine Rosso.

The historic old town has an appealing North African character. You can visit different archaeological sites such as different museums, cathedrals and churches. Nowadays Cagliari is energetic and modern European city with chic boutiques and the island’s largest university. The Roman Amphitheater continues to entertain visitors with live theater, musical, ballet and dance shows, martial arts, opera and concerts in July and August.


Cagliari is a beautiful city with 2000 years of history that have left a rich legacy of amazing architecture in the center. The city has been strategically important to all of the civilizations that occupied the area due to its large, sheltered harbor and one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean Sea.

The most important cultural event in the city is the annual pilgrimage in celebration of St Efisio. It takes place every year on 1 st May and involves thousands of people and hundreds of horses.


Location: Island of Sardinia

Nearby sights: Santuario e Basilica di Bonaria, Monte Urpinu, Cathedral of Santa Maria

How to get there: Take bus to the center of Cagliari from the airport (takes about 15 minutes)

Nearby hotels: Castelletto Suites, ll Giardino Segreto, Casa Devoto

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