Virtual office in Italy

Virtual office in Italy

Getting a virtual office

If you have decided to set up a business in Italy, you will need an office and an address for the registration procedure. According to the type of business you are willing to start, there is a possibility to get a virtual office in the country. This type of office may be also helpful if you can’t come to Italy in advance in order to search for an office or you intend to conduct your business from abroad. This is the most efficient way for having a contact address and save a lot of money. There are very low expenses for virtual office because you won’t have to pay for utilities, rent and other costs related.

How to get a virtual office?

If you need a virtual office, you may contact any law firm that will offer you different office choices according to your business needs. They will also help you with the registration procedure and obtaining the documents from the Trade register.


A virtual office will offer you a lot of advantages and at lower cost than traditional one. You may also benefit from a prestigious address that is an important thing when it comes to business relationships with your partners.


There are lots of different virtual office packages on the market which include various additional services. Here is a list of some of the special services you may be offered.

  1. A reputable business address in such big cities as Milan and Rome that will help you to make a good impression on your business partners and your clients.
  2. An official address for your company in order to incorporate it with the Trade Register.
  3. All the correspondence and packages of yours will be sent to you by e-mail, fax, post or any other suitable way for you.
  4. Assistance for incoming and outgoing faxes.
  5. Local phone number.
  6. Voice mailbox.
  7. Calls redirecting to a number you choose.
  8. Collection of bank statements.
  9. Usage of the meeting room.

There are lots of advantages of using a virtual office in Italy. According to your type of business, using a virtual office may be more convenient than the traditional one.

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