Verification of a company in Italy

Verification of a company in Italy

The importance of company verification

Before buying a company in Italy or starting business with another firm, it is vital to make a short verification in order to find out if there are any legal problems that may cause troubles in the future. You need to make sure whether this Italian company has any debts. It is also very important to check if it is in the middle of liquidation process as well as find out the company age, its shareholders, addresses and any information that could be helpful. In case if you don’t know how to verify a company and you need someone to perform a due diligence process, you may contact an Italian lawyer who will help you.

European Business Register

Some basic information about an Italian company can be found out from the European Business Register which offers online details about companies registered in Europe. The local Chamber of Commerce in every region of Italy is responsible for gathering all the information related to Italian companies. There are over six million companies registered in Italy most of which are individual companies.

Chamber of Commerce

There is an online information can be found directly from the source, a service provided by the Chamber of Commerce for the entrepreneurs. You will find different information from sources like Trade Register, the Register of Protests and the patent and trademark database. The service offers access to the database of the Chamber of Commerce for the entrepreneurs, companies, freelance professionals and other categories of citizens who are interested in different kind of information such as the reliability of the business partners, shareholders and other businessmen. This service is available since 1996 according to the Civil Code.

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