Open a restaurant in Italy

Open a restaurant in Italy

Italian cuisine

Italy is world-famous for its exquisite cuisine. Italian restaurants can be found all around the world and many people adore Italian dishes. Opening a restaurant in Italy is a great idea, because delicious food is praised above all in the country.

Italy is a very important tourist destination, so cities like Rome can never have too many restaurants. When it comes to investing in a food business in Italy, there can be found many options, so there is something to think about.

Choosing a location

The location of the restaurant plays an important role in the future profit of your business. It is also wise to remember that small and charming restaurants can often be more attractive to tourists than large ones. It is vital to investigate the market thoroughly and determine if existing restaurants will compete with yours before choosing the location and purchasing a property.


Another good option for you is franchising. This option is more suitable if you do not want to open a new restaurant. In this case you will have the benefit of an already established name, but the costs of buying a franchise should be well put in the balance. The next important step is to decide on the type of food and the services that will be provided by the restaurant. It is noteworthy that establishments that serve liquor need to obtain liquor licenses for the area in which they function.

Obtaining necessary permits

In order to open a restaurant in Italy, you will have to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. As a business with producing and distributing food, restaurants in Italy are obliged to observe strict hygiene norms. Investors have to obtain licenses from the City Council and from the Health Office.

Also restaurants in Italy need to be registered at the local Trade Register as well as comply with the applicable taxation rules and VAT requirements.

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