Open a recruitment company in Italy

Open a recruitment company in Italy

There is a very developed tourism sector in the country which means that there is a great demand for working force.

If you want to set up a business in Italy, starting a recruitment agency can be one of the best options.

What is recruitment agency?

A recruitment company helps to connect a candidate looking for a job and the firm searching for an ideal candidate for the job opening. This type of company will deal with sourcing, interviewing, checking references and matching the candidates with the clients. A recruitment company has a huge impact on the success of a new employment agreement. The process of setting up a recruitment company in Italy has the same incorporation stages as any other type of company. It has to be registered with the Trade Register and for VAT purposes.

Foreign investments

The Italian market is attractive for foreign investors. The tourism sector is highly developed in the country as well as other business sectors. For this reason, companies in Italy need to find the best candidates for their job openings. The recruitment process should be thorough and observe the wishes of both the candidate and the client. After the recruitment company has found the ideal candidate the agency facilitate the first interview between the candidate and the company. In case of a successful recruitment company work the client finds a satisfactory candidate, the candidate is pleased with his/her workplace and the agency receives the appropriate fee for the work.

Types of companies in Italy

The types of companies available in Italy are destined for small businesses and larger corporations. According to the type of business you want to open and the services you want to provide, you can choose the suitable type for you. The company incorporation procedure includes a few main steps: deposit the necessary share capital, draw up the necessary incorporation documents, register company at the Trade Register and obtaining the VAT number.

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