Office supplies

Office supplies

Office supplies include different things from small items like pens and paper to large ones like computers, furniture and safety equipment. Effective management of office supplies can save money and keep it running smoothly.

If you are setting up business in Italy, it is important to remember that according to the type of business you are willing to start, you will need a business premises and office supplies and equipment.

There are different ways of obtaining office supplies, but the most common are from retail outlets, online outlets, mail order or even through purchasing company. Many companies are also delivering internationally.

  • Retail outlets. There are lots of local shops that can help you obtain office supplies. Buying in shop can be a good option, because you physically see what you are buying before you buy it. Usually retailers sell equipment at a standard price, however some stores can offer business discounts.
  • Online. There are many office supply stores that sell via online and telephone orders. Online retailers are cheaper than shops. But main disadvantage of buying online is that you cannot physically see the item and you will only be able to see a photo and description.
  • Mail order. Many firms offer service of ordering by mail or telephone. Mail order costs are less expensive than shops. But like online buying if you are uncertain about an item, there is no way of actually examining it.
  • Purchasing company. These companies are third-parties that buy supplies on behalf of your company. You will inform the purchasers what you need and they will acquire and charge you for the service. This service can save a lot of time and in this case you will receive regular invoices and the feedback on the amount of supplies you are using. The company also will give you advice if you are purchasing something you are not familiar with.

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