Marketing a business in Italy

Marketing a business in Italy

The importance of business marketing

If you are transferring your business or starting a new one in a foreign country, then a lot of different factors should be taken into account. You should make sure your product or service fits the inclinations and idiosyncrasies of a nation. This is accomplished through effective business marketing.

Advertising agencies

The main international advertising agencies are present in Italy. Large local firms and smaller Italian agencies are also able to offer services in the field of advertising.

Italian consumers are avid readers of newspapers and periodicals which provide an effective means of advertising new consumer products. Advertising on TV may be more expensive, but far more effective. In the major cities billboards are widely available. It is also compulsory to have an effective company website.

Milan Fair Ground

There are more than 400 trade fairs are held in Italy each year. The major  exhibitions are held at the large and modern Milan Fair Ground. These fairs play an important role in the Italian economy as visitors from all over the world attend them. Most are specialized, covering a full range of industrial and consumer goods from pollution control equipment, heavy machinery, IT and telecommunications equipment, automotive components, food and drink, to footwear, textiles, clothing and jewelry.

Cultural sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity is very important for effective marketing. Even little details or superstitions can make or break your business. It is vital to make a thorough market research before marketing your product or service. It is very important also to take into account language differences as well as differences in mentality. What will be understood as a joke in your home country may not be well received in Italy. Jokes about Italian stereotypes are rarely appreciated too.

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