Business premises in Italy

Business premises in Italy

Setting up business in Italy

If you have decided to set up business in Italy, you will need to find an office according to your business type and needs.

Serviced office and its advantages

One of the best options is to choose a serviced office in Italy. This type of business premises gives a company the freedom to expand or downsize itself as business dictates, allowing for instantaneous use and no long-term obligations. In the fixed price servicing offices provide all inclusive servicing too. This can include furnishings, maintenance, staffs reception and office equipment. It is a traditional way to accommodate your business and, probably, the most cost-effective. This option is most suitable for small and startup businesses as it enables them to set-up quickly, affordably and with no long-term commitment.

Another invaluable aspect of serviced offices is ongoing IT support in Italy. The amount of support will vary from each serviced office, but a research will help you to find the right package. So, serviced office in Italy is very attractive alternative to leasing, offering a realistic flexibility and affordable and transparent costs.


Another option of acquiring office space in Italy is leasing. If your office needs to house many employees and you’re sure that the business will be comfortable in an office for the duration of a lease then it may be the best option. In this case it is vital to obtain legal advice, because it is a big commitment which does not allow for flexibility restraining spontaneous business plans like downsizing or expansion. Leasing also gives you a chance to customize your office space and ergonomically enhance it for the benefit of employees.

Virtual offices

Another business accommodation option is virtual offices. It is a term used to describe shared office services in Italy, which usually includes a business address, telecommunication services and meeting facilities. Virtual offices usually benefit companies wanting to low-risk alternative to leasing a traditional office. In order to establish a virtual office all participants must have an internet-ready computer or laptop which meets software needs and has access to the necessary professional requirements. Another benefit of virtual office is setting an individual schedule.

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