Visiting Italy with children

Visiting Italy with children

If you have decided to travel to Italy you shouldn’t worry about bringing children with you as there are plenty things for the whole family to do. Moreover, taking your children with you may widen your travelling horizons. You may go for something cultural and fun like visiting ancient Roman ruins and exploring medieval castles or visiting traditional marionette shows in Naples and Palermo.

Have a couple of options ready

Although Italy is a children-friendly country when it comes to tourism, you need to keep in mind not all tourist attractions may be suitable for them, so it’s good to be flexible and have a couple of options ready to pick from. All kids are different and have different attention spans and thresholds for boredom. For example, some museums may seem too boring for some children. There may be thousands of churches you find absolutely beautiful, but children may get bored visiting them all one after another.

Bring a distraction for children

Visiting Italy with childrenIf you still like the idea of having a full, educational holiday, you may like to bring some sort of distraction for them, like a game or a book, which may help them stay occupied as you shuffle them past another painting. Depending upon the temperament of your children, you might want to space these types of activities with things they want to do. It is important they experience as much culture and history as possible while in Italy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some plain, old fun, either. This will keep them entertained and make them feel as they’re participating in one big, amazing adventure.


When it comes to food in Italy, there is plenty your kids will like, especially pizza and pasta. Take your children to farmer markets and let them help pick out items for a picnic in a park, or lunch at the beach. Another option for lunch or snacks are pizza al taglio stands, offering individual slices of freshly baked pizza, sold by weight. For dinner, older kids will enjoy ordering their own pizza at a pizzeria, while younger ones could split a plain one. If you’d like to treat yourself and your young ones to something more traditional, Italian restaurants such as family run Trattorias have no problem catering to children, either. And of course, Italy is home to the ultimate motivation for kids to finish their dinner: gelato. In fact, with all the Gelaterias throughout Italy displaying dozens of colorful flavors on every corner, be prepared to make frequent ice cream breaks.

The Italian coastline offers some of the Europe’s best beaches and many of them are fully equipped for children. The area offers many entertainment abilities as well such as amusement parks, waterslides and windsurfing.

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