Toledo underground station

Toledo underground station


Located in Naples, the Toledo underground station is one of the most beautiful underground stations in Europe. This is also the Italian example of modern art and architecture. Toledo was born within the project Stazioni dell’Arte (Arts’ Stations).


The station is full of light due to carefully located skylights meant to create a link between the inside and outside of the station. Each area of the station is characterized by a colored-themed motif, which enhances its architectural shape.

In the lowest level, black is protagonist. It is the color of cutouts inspired by the history of Naples, flowing on a background made of images from the history of the city’s railways. All the artwork has been created by artist William Kentridge who used the ancient technique of mosaic. The main piece, Naples Procession, is a juxtaposition of classical images, defined by the use of black. Another stunning mosaic, entitled Bonifica dei quarteri bassi di Napoli (The recovery of Naples’ slums) is located at the very top of the escalator and is dedicated to all workers who helped in the creation of the station.

Yellow is the main color of the second level evoking warm colors of sun, land and local tuff stone. At its deepest, Toledo Station is dominated by blue and green colors of the sea.

LED lights

A LED light piece created and programmed by Robert Wilson creates a bright beam of light through the oval mouth of the volcano-shaped cone that goes through all three levels of the station built over 40 metres underground. The shape of the tunnel-like construction as well as the choice of blue and green tassels for its lining makes it an amazing feat that brings sunlight deep down into the bowels of earth.

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