How to bring your pet in Italy

How to bring your pet in Italy

Italy is not exactly the nation of animal lovers but it is generally tolerant of pets which are rarely restricted or banned from long-term rental or holiday accommodation.

Check the latest regulations

If you plan to take a pet to Italy, it’s important to check the latest regulations. Make sure you have the correct papers, not only for Italy, but for all the countries you will pass through. Particular consideration must be given before exporting a pet from a country with strict quarantine regulations, such as the UK, because if you need to return earlier, even a few hours or days, your pet may need to go into quarantine (for six months in the UK).

ISO Standard microchip

How to bring your pet in ItalyThere is no quarantine for healthy pets arriving in Italy, but they need an ISO Standard microchip implant and a veterinary health certificate (bilingual, Italian-English) issued by an approved veterinary surgeon.


Dogs and cats need a rabies vaccination not less than 20 days or more than 11 months prior to the date of issue of the health certificate. Those aged under 12 weeks are exempt but must have a health certificate and a certificate stating that no cases of rabies have occurred for at least six months in the local area. Pets entering from countries with a high incidence of rabies must have a certified rabies blood test one month after their initial vaccination, and also at least 3 months prior to arrival in Italy.

Transporting pet by ship or ferry

If you are transporting your pet by ship or ferry, you should notify the shipping company. Some companies insist that pets are left in vehicles, while others allow pets to be kept in cabins. Pets can also be transported by air, although conditions and regulations will vary between airlines. Check with your preferred carrier well in advance to determine whether you will be required to transport your pet in the hold or if they allow small animals to be transported in suitable containers in the cabin with you.

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