Getting Internet access in Italy

Getting Internet access in Italy

Internet access has been slowly developing in Italy in the last years and access very much depends on location.

Broadband is available mainly in urban areas and big cities. Smaller villages may only have dial-up or ISDN access available, although some municipalities have free internet in the historical centre.

Internet providers

The Internet service market in Italy is dominated by the operator Telecom Italia but the number of providers is growing. The main internet providers are Libero, Tiscali, Alice and Fastweb.

Some companies like TIM and Vodafone also offer connection via a mobile phone. A mobile phone designed for quick internet connection is suggested for users who plan to use the internet frequently on their mobile. Some phone devices offer better efficiency in order to establish a fast and stable connection wherever you want.

Obtaining Internet connection

In Italy the most usual way to keep an internet connection is connecting a mobile phone to a laptop. However, you should carefully read the fine print in your mobile contract to avoid surprising charges. Another very popular connection is by using internet keys, such as the Vodafone Internet key by the Vodafone station.

Libero provides internet under the telecommunications company Infostrada. Offers include unlimited access, pay-as- you-go internet offers and packages that include telephone calling options.

Telecom Italia’s broadband internet ‘Alice ADSL’ is one of the most popular internet brands in Italy. It proposes flat and pay-as- you go offers, with or without monthly subscriptions.

Special offers

Internet companies will make calls to your phones, telling you about available offers. Pay a lot of attention to these offers because sometimes they are fraudulent. Very often, the sales representatives speak to you quickly, and you don’t realize what kind of offer they are really proposing. If you’re interested in one of these offers, you should write down every condition involved in the offered contract and then compare it with the conditions on the provider’s website.

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