Emergency numbers

Emergency numbers

While visiting Italy, any situations can arise, so it’s important to know all the numbers you should call in case of emergency.

Below you will find the emergency telephone numbers for Italy. You can simply dial these numbers from anywhere in the country. If you are calling from a fixed line, it is free of charge.

Emergency telephone numbers in Italy

  • 118 – Ambulance
  • 115 – Fire-brigade
  • 113 – Police
  • 112 – Carabinieri (military police)
  • 117 – Finance Guard
  • Emergency numbers1500 – Call centre for health emergencies managed by the Department of Health which gives information to the population in case of health emergencies, notably information about SARS, flu syndromes, bioterrorist threat or information about the risk of excessively warm weather. The service is active only in some periods of the year.
  • 1515 – Woodland fire service, managed by the State Forestry Department
  • 1518 – Traffic and road conditions, managed by the Road Safety Information Co-ordinating Centre
  • 530 – Blue number for sea emergencies, managed by the Corps of the Port Captaincies –Coast Guard.

Carabinieri or Polizia?

The functions of the Carabinieri and the Polizia in Italian society are overlapping. The Carabinieri are a sort of local branch of military police derived from the ancient Corps of the Royal Carabinieri. They have the dual function of national defense and policing and special powers. Carabinieri offices are located in many villages across Italy and there is more of a Carabinieri presence than a police in Italy.

In some cities you can call both numbers 112 and 113 and they will be answered by the same person. However, you should probably address the police before the Carabinieri.

Here are the numbers of the general services.

  • 12 – is the general National directory assistance telephone number
  • 176 – International Directory Assistance (the connection fee is 90 cents a call)
  • 116 – A.C.I. (Italian Automobile Association) gives road assistance

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