Cinque Torri Mountain in Italy

Cinque Torri Mountain in Italy


You probably heard of Cinque Terre resort town in Italy but Cinque Torri is also worth of attention. Cinque Torri is a small mountain group in the Dolomites. The name can be translated as ‘5 towers’. They are famed as beautiful, natural photographic location and for their short climbs of varying difficulty levels. It’s also a beautiful area for hiking in summer and skiing in winter.

Mountain group

Cinque Torri Mountain in ItalyThe mountain group consists of five steep tower-like mountains. The highest of the five, the Torre Grande, offers three very appealing peaks for rock climbers: Cima Nord, Cima Sud e Cima Ovest. Culminating at 2361 meters, the south summit is the tallest.

The Torre Seconda consists of three distinct peaks called Torre del Barancio, Torre Romana and Torre Lusy, The third one, Terza Torre, is also known as Torre Latina. The fourth “tower”, Quarta Torre, consists of two blocks of different heights, respectively called Torre Quarta Bassa and Torre Quarta Alta. The Quinta Torre (or Torre Inglese) offers various single pitch routes.

Outdoor activities

With their 130 routes and wonderful collection of spires and pinnacles the peaks provide good rock climbing possibilities of different difficulty levels ranging from easy-to- access sport climbing routes to the classic routes.

The area surrounding Cinque Torri has numerous cafes and restaurants offering amazing dishes and spectacular views. The area is also famous for the excellent wine, local fruits and herb grappa.

Discovering Cinque Torri is always a unique experience but it’s important to take special precautions against falling rocks when climbing and walking beneath the towers. A helmet is highly recommended. The classic routes have been partially re-equipped but they nevertheless require a full alpine rack. The descents from the towers are almost all via abseil. The multi-pitch routes have separate abseil stations.

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