Benevento in Campania

Benevento in Campania


Benevento is located in the South East of Italy not far from Naples in the region of Campania. This is a seat of a Catholic Archbishop. The area itself is mountainous providing some incredible views. Benevento boasts rich history and amazing architecture. It was the meeting place of six main roads, which brought many to and through this area.

Medieval fortresses

The fortification of town was enhanced by the many stretches of medieval fortresses as well as the Calore and Sabato Rivers. To many historians it is one of the most important cities in Southern Italy. One important transportation route that ran right by this city was the Appian Way. The Appian Way was one of the first and one of the most strategically important roads of Ancient Rome. It connected Rome to Southeast Italy.

Arch of Trajan

The town’s importance was evidenced by repeated visits from Roman emperors and the quantity of coins it minted. The frequent visit from the governmental elites was the reason that one of the city’s most important ruin, arch of Trajan was erected there in 114. The Arch is one of the most pristine and best kept Roman structures in the Campania region. It depicts scenes from Trajan’s life and his triumphs in battle. The structure marked the entrance of the Via Traiana, the road built to shorten the path from Rome to Brindisi.

The Castle of Benevento

There are also many other historical sites in the area. The Castle of Benevento sits at the highest point in town and was used by many different people occupying the town at different stages. Nowadays the castle also houses a museum featuring contemporary art. Other notable spots of interest include Santa Sofia with its bell tower dating back to 760, Sant’ilario, the Palazzo di Paolo and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

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