Barge tours in Italy

Barge tours in Italy

Italy is relatively new destination for barging – and is sure to be very popular.

Italy is well-known for land touring, but a barge cruise will offer the truly different experience of seeing Italy from the water. Barge guests will enjoy a personal introduction to family owned wineries and villas, as well as Renaissance palaces and churches. Art, culture, and beauty are everywhere on the barge tours in Italy.

An ideal place for barging

Italy is a land that is etched by rivers. This is a country that is best seen from its waterways and canals and barge cruises down one of the many rivers is an ideal vector for visitors to use.  The rich history of this country begins in primordial Europe and continues into today’s world. There is much to see and do and experience in Italy.  The many cultures are warm and inviting but the food is beyond description. Food and culture change from region to region which is one of the many great attributes about this country.


Rivers are important vessels of culture and history.  The rivers of Europe and especially Italy were the principal ways that goods and commerce were from one city to another. This means that the best cities were built along the waterways and for visitors a barge trip down any of Italy’s rivers makes the perfect venue to discover and feel the culture of Italy.

Barge tours in ItalyFeel the culture

The luxury of a barge cruise on any of the many rivers or canals of Italy will allow the visitor to become immersed in the feel and culture of Italy. There are so many things to see and do that exploration city such as Rome or Venice could take a lifetime to complete.

Visiting Venice

Venice is also known as the city of water due to the many canals. This is a city that spans many smaller islands and travel by barge is ideal for exploring this fabled city. There is much to do and see in Venice but visitors should expect thrilling architecture that seems to transcend time and history. This is also a city of romance and wine.  Enjoy the culture activities of the opera or theater or embark on a journey of food.  Barge cruising the canals of Venice is a life changing experience that everyone should do at least once in his or her lifetime.

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