An Italian Agriturismo

An Italian Agriturismo

What is an Agriturismo ?

‘Agriturismo’ in Italy is an independently-owned farm that the owners have decided to use partially for accommodation purposes. The whole idea tends to be informal with no reception area or even other guests. The rooms are in the farm’s house or an annex built nearby.

Rooms usually range from large, independently-built mini-apartments to cozy basic rooms in the bigger house. It’s noteworthy that you may also find such rooms to be unclean or too expensive for what it is. So, it is wise to check the offered accommodation.


The best part of staying in an ‘Agriturismo’ is the food. At most farm-stays you will get a dinner and breakfast included in the price. It usually has an amazing taste as it is made from the produce, eggs, meat and often wine and olive oil that are fresh. So, there is often no better dining than at an ‘Agriturismo’.

Gorgeous views

An Italian AgriturismoOther advantages of this type of accommodation include Italy’s gorgeous countryside. You will get the amazing chance to catch breathtaking views and communicate with locals. And it is known that the best way to get to know the culture of the country you are staying in is to talk with locals.

An ‘Agriturismo’ represents the best value for the money compared with other types of accommodation, if you want to have a slow-paced vacation alongside with nature. While some farm-stays have a minimum three-nights’ (or more) stay, the vast majority allow you to stay for just one night. Just make sure you call at least a couple of days ahead so they can make the necessary arrangements.

Although, this type of accommodation may not be for you if you rely on a concierge, a complete room cleaning or other amenities. However, recently there are luxury farm-stays have appeared. In such new type of ‘Agriturismo’ you will find organic food, huge cottages, Wi-Fi and satellite television, king-size beds and modern bathrooms.


Since, all the “Agriturismos” are located in the countryside, few of them are connected by train or bus. So, if you don’t have a car, it will be hard to get there. But, even if you have a car, driving around Italy’s countryside may be very confusing as many roads are unmarked. For this reason, some of the owners of such farm-stays pick up their guests.

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