What to wear in Italy in winter

What to wear in Italy in winter

Weather in Italy is unpredictable so it’s always better to wear layers irrespective of the weather and the season.

Wear layers

Remember that packing a wardrobe that is designed solely to fit fashion-wise is not practical as there is always a way to be a smart traveler who also looks good.

Look like a local

Italian style is based on an overall aesthetic of looking good, which is something many travelers don’t bother with. Italians tend to dress more for the calendar than for the actual weather. It is very important to look like a local in the shoulder seasons because the more you stick out like a tourist, the more of a target you are for pickpockets. There are some things you can do to blend in.

  • What to wear in Italy in winterGoing “too casual” applies in the winter, too. Depending on the venue, a good pair of dark jeans will be perfect. For something a little dressier, you can wear black slacks or a black skirt for the ladies. On the top, skip the logo tees in favor of polo shirts, light sweaters or some wrinkle-resistant button-down shirts or blouses. Shoes should be comfortable for walking. Choose black or brown outfits. For colder months you will need a coat and a scarf.
  • Choose black. You can’t absolutely go wrong by bringing clothes from home that are almost exclusively black or that go with the black elements of your travel wardrobe. This is the most basic color.
  • Leave your backpack. Carrying a backpack around the city is one of the things that can make you stand out as a tourist. Of course, it is easier for women that for men as ladies have the ability to stick a few things into a small purse. So, if you cannot get away without carrying around a backpack, at least be very careful with it in the crowds and on public transportation.

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