Traveling around Italy on a budget

Traveling around Italy on a budget

The cheapest transportation options depend completely on your specific plans. When you decide what kind of option to choose, there are some general things to keep in mind.

Renting a car

When it comes to getting around Italy, many travelers choose to rent a car. And there are some significant advantages of having your own vehicle as you can explore remote areas and you have the freedom to go when you want. Driving in Italy is the cheapest option only if you are planning to cover a lot of ground and make many stops.

Renting a car generally costs 40-60 euro per day, if you book the car in advance. It is noteworthy that automatic-transmission vehicles are rare in Italy, so renting one will cost you. If you want a GPS, which is highly recommended if you’ll be doing any driving in the countryside, that will cost you another 15 euro per day.

You should also consider the cost of gas. The average gas price is around 2 euro per liter. Say your car gets 35 miles per gallon. That means that to drive from Florence to Rome, for instance, a distance of some 165 miles, you’re looking at almost 30 euro in gas, one way. Plus, don’t fool yourself that renting a car is the fast way to get from Point A to Point B as most of the time, the train or plane is faster.

How to save on renting a car?

The best way to save on renting a car in Italy is to book in advance. By reserving in advance, you can get 20 to 60% off what the price would be if you waited. If you’re not very experienced driver, it is wise to purchase insurance. Although this will cost you a little more out of pocket in the short run, in the case of an accident, it can definitely save you money.

Using airline services

Another option is using airline services in Italy. Look at a variety of websites, including consolidators, budget, and non-budget airlines. Don’t just look at Expedia. Check out other consolidator sites.

Railway travel

Don’t forget about the Italian vast rail system which is a medium option between renting a car and taking a plane. Since so many people in Italy depend on the train system, it’s fairly reliable and can be very cheap according to your destination. Although you should know that train stations aren’t usually close to the center of the city. It might take a 10-15 minute walk.

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