Tips on visiting Venice

Tips on visiting Venice

The truth is that visiting Venice may be quite expensive, but it doesn’t mean that you should miss the opportunity to visit the most romantic city ever.

With a help of the following tips you won’t fall into tourist traps and will be able to enjoy your Venice vacation without spending a fortune.

  • Visit in the off season. In peak seasons you will find large crowds in the city and expensive hotels and restaurants. In order to save a considerable amount of money, it is recommended to visit it during the months of September and October. Carnival which is held between March and April each year may bring higher hotel prices. Winter months are significantly cheaper to visit but there is a risk of flooding.
  • Choose a short-term rental or Bed and Breakfast. It is recommended to skip large hotels and choose a family-owned Bed and Breakfast for a cozy and budget-friendly stay.
  • Gondola ride. A gondola ride along Venice’s amazing canals is an unforgettable experience, but may be very expensive costing around 50 euros per hour. If this is a must for you, then it is recommended to agree on the price before the ride to avoid any surprises. Although, if you are searching for a more budget option, you should try public water bus that stops at the main attractions. This may cost you 7 euro, but if you plan traveling multiple times, consider taking a 12-hour ticket at 18 euro or 24-hour ticket for 20 euro.
  • Tips on visiting VeniceExplore Venice by foot. There are no cars in Venice, so it’s a perfect way to explore it by foot. This way you will save the money and get a real taste of local life.
  • Consider buying a Venice Card. If you plan on visiting numerous Venice’s museums and other sites, it is wise to purchase Venice Card for free and discounted admission to churches, museums and temporary exhibits. It may cost between 25 and 40 euros.
  • Try Ciccheti. Visit Venice’s small wine bars for some delicious snacks at a bargain price. You’ll find fried appetizers, fish, meats and cheeses ranging from 1 to 3 euro.


Location: Veneto region

Nearby sights: Grand Canal, Doge’s Palace, Saint Mark’s Basilica

How to get there: All major airlines fly into Marco Polo Airport. Water transfer into the historical center is a ten minute walk from the arrivals hall to the dock areas.

Nearby hotels: Ca’Sagredo Hotel, Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Baglioni Hotel Luna

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