How to take a gondola in Venice

How to take a gondola in Venice

If the price doesn’t bother you, then definitely take a gondola ride as there is no better or more romantic ways to experience Venice’s canals.

The cost of taking a gondola

While visiting Venice, gondola ride is a must. However, taking a gondola can be quite expensive. The cost ranges between 80 euros for 40 minutes ride and 100 euro after 7pm. The prices are mandated by the city, so you shouldn’t expect to pay less. The activity is in most cases is a touristy one as Italians only taking gondolas for weddings or funerals. Although it is not cheap, the experience is totally worth it as you can catch the most gorgeous views of Venice’s amazing palaces.


Gondolas first appeared in the 11 th century and were an essential mode of transport. Many of them were used as shuttles, taking people back and forth across the canals. Gondolas were also used by upper-class families to showing off their status. By the 16 th century there were more than 10 000 gondolas in Venice. Nowadays only a few hundred gondolas are left in the city.

Here are the basic tips that will help you while taking a gondola in Venice.


  • Negotiate the price in advance. The city rate ranges between 40 and 100 euros, but lots of gondoliers may charge more. It is wise to agree on the exact price and the number of minutes before you take a gondola.
  • Know you can have 6 people in total. If you are travelling with friends, you should know how many people are allowed to get aboard. This is also a good way to split the cost.
  • Carefully pick where to get gondola. Not all gondolas have the same routes. Make sure you grab a gondola at the Rialto Bridge for a trip down to the iconic Grand Canal.
  • Seek alternatives. It is noteworthy that in case you can’t handle the price for gondola, you may take a traghetto, which also crosses Grand Canal and costs only 3 euro.

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