Free things to do in Florence

Free things to do in Florence

Although Italy is the number one tourist destination, it is definitely not cheap.

This is especially true in the main tourist cities like RomeVenice, and Florence. But that doesn’t mean everything worth doing or seeing will cost you. In fact, sometimes the best things to do in a city are free.

Unfortunately, many of the best things to do in Florence cost money. Still, there are some very budget-friendly attractions you can enjoy. Here’s a list of the free things to do in Florence. This is the stuff that’s always free, no matter what day of the week or time of year it is.

  • Walking through the historic city. One of the greatest pleasures of a visit to a city as beautiful as Florence is just walking through the old city center, admiring the architecture and doing some window-shopping.
  • Visiting the Duomo. Florence’s most popular church is free to enter, although you’ll need to pay if you want to climb into the dome or to the top of the adjacent bell tower.
  • Enjoying the view from the Piazzale Michelangelo. This big piazza is now not much more than a glorified car park, but it boasts some of the most stunning views overlooking Florence and it’s free to visit.
  • Checking out the famous Baptistery doors. Although there’s an entry fee to see the inside of the Baptistery in front of the Duomo, the doors are the best-known part of the building – and they’re on the outside. If you’re wondering which doors are the famous ones, just follow the crowds.
  • Free things to do in FlorenceVisiting churches. As is the case with most Italian cities, there are lots of churches in Florence, and many of them are free to visit. You may find unexpected art treasures, or even get to listen in on a service complete with music. Of particular note are San Miniato al Monte in the hills behind the Piazzale Michelangelo.
  • People-watching in the Piazza della Signoria. There are actually a few spots in Florence that are excellent for people-watching, as they’re all popular gathering spots (Piazza del Duomo and Piazzale Michelangelo are two others).
  • Enjoying the sculpture display under the Loggia dei Lanzi. This glorious outdoor semi-museum sits to one side of the Piazza della Signoria and features several amazing and unique statues.
  • Rubbing the boar’s nose for luck. Head for the Mercato Nuovo where you’ll find different kinds of stuff on sale. Here you will see a big statue of a wild boar. You’ll notice his snout is about the only shiny spot on his body – it’s well-polished because people rub it, either for luck or (like Rome’s Trevi Fountain) to ensure a return trip to Florence.

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