A guide to visiting Pompeii

A guide to visiting Pompeii

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Once an incredible port town, Pompeii is a UNESCO World Heritage site which was sealed with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. Nowadays this is one the most visited sites in Italy. In order not to miss anything, it is wise to plan your trip to Pompeii in advance.

How to get there?

The site is easy to reach from the major surrounding cities by train, car or even bus within 30 minutes (Naples), 45 minutes (Sorrento), 2,5 hours (Rome) and 4,5 hours from Florence. Independent travelers can book a transfer service which is certainly the fastest option, although not the cheapest. The budget conscious will want to travel by train, which is largely easy to navigate and less expensive, although more time-consuming.


It is noteworthy that the site has only one café and the maps, which can be bought from the information booth, are not up to date. It is important to keep in mind that Pompeii is vast as it was huge maritime city. There is a possibility to hire a tour guide in order not to get lost and see everything important. Although, if you are planning to do this by yourself, it is wise to be prepared and ensure you have all the essentials.

A guide to visiting PompeiiIn order to explore Pompeii, you will need about three hours. It is wise to take a current map and guidebook with you as the one offered by information booth may be no up to date. It is also vital to take hat, sunscreen and umbrella irrespective of the season. There is very little shelter from the sun and two to three hours outside will make you feel bad. It’s also very important to bring snacks and plenty of water with you.

The cost to enter Pompeii is 11 euro, but make sure to have cash as the ticket office doesn’t accept credit cards.

Before eruption of the volcano, Pompeii was an important port town for the ancient Roman Empire. It was filled with sailor’s hotels, bars, public baths and taverns. Make sure to not miss Roman Forum which is the oldest-known Roman amphitheater.


Location: Campania region (not far from Naples)

Nearby sights: Scavi di Pompei, Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Rosary, Villa dei Misteri

How to get there: Pompeii can easily be reached by train, car or bus from Naples, Sorrento or Rome

Nearby hotels: Hotel Forum Pompei, Hotel Diana Pompei, Pompei Resort

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